Delivering more than steel
List of projects by sector
Cement projects    
Egyptian Cement Company 5 Lines Egypt
Suez Cement Company   Egypt
Ameria Cement   Egypt
Misr Beni Suef Cement   Egypt
Algerian Cement Company 2 Lines Algeria
Ciment Blanc d’Algérie   Algeria
Seblin Cement    Lebanon
Libya Cement 2 Lines  Libya
United Cement Company of Nigeria 2 Lines Nigeria
Bazian Cement    Iraq
Fujairah Cement    UAE
Syria Cement    Syria
El Safwa Cement   KSA
Qassim Cement   KSA
Tunisia Cement   Tunisia
Fertilizer projects    
Egyptian Fertilizers Company 2 Lines Egypt
Helwan Fertilizers Company   Egypt
Alexandria Fertilizers Company   Egypt
Qafco-4 Fertilizers   Qatar
Sorfert Algérie   Algeria
Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)    
Alba HRSG 4 Units  Bahrain
Zayzoun and Nasseriah HRSG  6 Units  Syria
Escombreras HRSG  2 Units  Spain
Cartagena HRSG  3 Units  Spain
Langage HRSG  2 Units  UK
Emsland HRSG 2 Units  Germany
Soto and Malaga  2 Units Spain
LNG projects    
Damietta LNG   Egypt
IDKU LNG    Egypt
Dukhan Gas Lift project    Qatar
Power stations    
Nubaria power station    Egypt
Talkha power station    Egypt
Kuraymat power station    Egypt
Tibben power station    Egypt
Sidi Krir power station    Egypt
Cairo West power station    Egypt
Ayoun Mousa power station   Egypt
EDF − Port Said power station    Egypt
Zawia power station    Libya
Beroughia power station    Algeria
Terga power station    Algeria
Bridges and heavy steel works    
El Ferdan bridge    Egypt
C-130 maintenance hanger    Egypt
Borg El Arab airport   Egypt


For further details on the above projects or for full and complete work history, please contact us.

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